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Benjamin Rush Miller

ben miller/degeneration creates a sonic tapestry that defies standard guitar playing. His clandestine approach to multiphonic guitar breaks sound down to its lowest common denominator.

Pushing the envelope of standard Artist-Audience relationships is of high interest. In 2015, Miller's Abandoned Concert Series tackled Detroit's Grande Ballroom, Eastown Theater (since demolished) and Packard Land. Locations in Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Jackson and Flint are in research.

NEXT Performance November 26 @ Bruits Brancs Festival, Arcueil FR

June 2014 interview by Miguel Copón

The Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra formed in 2008 as NYC's first full-on Saxophone Orchestra. Their 2015 release is Miller's arrangement of Tomorrow Never Knows and Strawberry Fields on Abaton.

"Eternal pop outsider Marianne Nowottny swirls her tongue about a brocade of Jelly Tots detonating like depth charges around the piebald banks of a psychedelic Mersey. Backed by oodles of deconstructing brass, led by a soldier with commendable Glenn Branca previous. Her Faithfull-like gripes paint rainbow ribbons wreathed in reciprocities equally hued of hedonism and innocence."- Spencer Grady, Record Collector Magazine 2015

SSO is reforming in the Detroit metro area to finish recording Miller's Symphony of Suspicious Activity; a 50' through-composed composition in six movements.

Live in NYC: Glow White - Soon - Prelude to a Prelude - Cloud 11

Ben Miller/voix - Franck Vigroux/electronix

THE DIN OF EONS is available as download or vinyl.

"......hallucinations you'd imagine after weeks alone in a creaky submarine, the echo-filled cell of a dank dungeon, or a rocketship hull hurtling through space."
_ The BigTakeOver, 2013

"...neon fried skull with the lights out!"
_ Peter Prescott of Misson of Burma, 2013

"Alienated Death Disco"
_ SKUG, 2012

EXPLODED VIEW invisions Psychedelic Songwriting from the way-back machine. Born out of the impetus that guided Sproton Layer circa 1970, identical twins Benjamin and Laurence Miller are recording Songs written 40+ years ago tapping into their earliest musical inspirations. A full-length LP is on the horizon via Ann Arbor's Big Sky Recording. German psych-rock label World in Sound awaits the the final mix.

Benjamin Miller has explored psychedelic songwriting, spontaneous improvisation and notated scores in quasi-tonality for what seems like eons. Primary instruments are Guitar & Multiphonic Prepared Guitar, Alto & C-Tenor Saxophone, Analog Tape & Electronic Manipulation, and Voice. Collaboration with like-minded artists has been a key element to his work. Miller teaches music and presents unique Creative Workshops for all ages. He was born and raised in Ann Arbor MI. His Parents were Scientists. His siblings are either Scientists or Musicians. His Children are all Musicians. Miller has formed numerous ensembles over the past five decades focusing solely on original music with the intent to break boundaries.

Professor of Geological Sciences brother Gifford Miller

Photographers on this website are Gregory Robin, Orin Buck, Bridget Toner, and Bill T. Miller. Others are unknown.


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