Ben Miller

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Miller’s deconstructed Gibson Kalamazoo is equipped with 5 pickups including a Hexaphonic pickup outputting each string separately. Strings are strung far below standard tuning excited by Hammers, Slides, Springs, Combs, Chains, Binder Clips and other Found Objects. The Bridge is smooth such that the strings are free to slide from side to side enhancing the instrument’s erratic Microtonal sound. While all pickups are deliberately panned in sereo, frequencies often interact with each other swapping positions in the sonic field. Miller adds a score of FX pedals, SK1 8-bit sampling, analog tape, transistor radio, vinyl and the liberal use of a Bixby Tailpiece retaining a multiple output run through six different amplifiers. Submerged attention and trusting the Unknown is his modus operandi and it is with this unseen nature that Miller adheres to.

June 2014 interview by Miguel CopĆ³n.