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Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra

The Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra formed in 2008 as NYC’s first full-on Saxophone orchestra. Miller writes for a dozen Saxophonists (Bass to Sopranino), Bass Guitar and two Drummers. The curious associations with which Intervallic relations evoke without preconceived tonal centers is his prime interest as a composer.

X-SYMPHONY is tentatively scheduled in NYC some time in April.

Miller’s first symphony for The SSO, Symphony of Suspicious Activity, is in mix-down process with chanteuse Annabelle Playe.

"...fully embracing the spectral melodies and otherworldly timbres that emerge in multi-instrument settings, ..a haunting dissonant swoon like that of battling church organs, or a swarm of bugs." - Village Voice, Christopher Weingarten

Mary Franz - Publicist